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Activities scheduled for 2016

Activities for this month

1st week


Tokachi Kids Camp

08.03 (Wed) Women's Association

prayer meeting

08.04 (Thursday) English conversation class

08.06 (Sat) Joy☆Kids

2nd week

08.07 (Sun) Sunday Service



youth jam

08.10 (Wed) Prayer meeting

08.11 (Thursday) English conversation class

08.13 (Sat) Joy☆Kids

3rd week

08.14 (Sun) Sunday Service

Youth club


kids summer camp

08.17 (Wed) Prayer meeting

08.18 (Thursday) English conversation class

08.20 (Sat) Joy☆Kids

4th week

08.21 (Sun) Sunday Service

08.24 (Wed) Prayer meeting

08.25 (Thu) English conversation class

08.27 (Sat) Joy☆Kids

5th week

08.28 (Sun) Sunday Service

08.31 (Wed) Prayer meeting

Activities for next month

1st week

09.01 (Thu) English conversation class

Evangelism Partnership Meeting

09.03 (Sat) Joy☆Kids

4th week

09.18 (Sun) Sunday Service

09.21 (Wed) Prayer meeting

09.22 (Thu) English conversation class

09.24 (Sat) Joy☆Kids

2nd week

09.04 (Sun) Sunday Service


09.07 (Wed) Women's Association

prayer meeting

09.08 (Thursday) English conversation class

0910 (Sat) Joy☆Kids

5th week
3rd week

09.11 (Sun) Sunday Service

​ Youth Association

09.14 (Wed) Prayer meeting

09.15 (Thu) English conversation class

09.17 (Sat) Joy☆Kids

09.25 (Sun) Sunday Service

09.27-30 Japan Missionary Conference

09.28 (Wed) Prayer meeting

09.29 (Thu) English conversation class

Annual activity schedule

First half (January to June)

Second half (July to December)

01.01 (Fri) New Year Service

04.03 (Sun) Easter Service

05.05 (Sun) Pentecost Worship

07.10 (Sun) Outdoor worship at Biei

10.09 (Sun) Evangelism Worship

10.09-10 Hokkaido meeting (Asahikawa)

11.27- Advent

12.17 (Sat) Children's Christmas party

12.24 (Sat) Candle service

12.25 (Sun) Christmas service

12.31 (Sat) Year-end Thanksgiving Prayer

Annual events are subject to change.

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