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Meeting information

*Currently, due to measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infections, there are changes to prayer times and meetings.

Please note that the changes are highlighted in red.

Sunday Service

Every Sunday
Online Worship 10:15~11:30
(Distributed on Facebook)

Anyone can participate.

The pastor gives a message from the Bible, and everyone sings hymns. We also have a Bible and a collection of songs, so please feel free to come empty-handed even if you are a first-timer.

If time permits, we will enjoy lunch together after the service.(Currently, the service is divided into two rooms. Also, there is no lunch after the service.)

Church School

Every Sunday
currently on hiatus

For pre-kindergarten children, there are 5-10 minutes of easy-to-understand and simple messages from the Bible at the same time as the worship sermon. The rest of the time is spent together singing hymns, doing origami, coloring, and fun games. (It is possible to go to worship with a guardian.)

Prayer meeting

Every Wednesday
19:30~21:00 pm

Anyone can participate.

There is a short message from the Bible by the pastor. We sing hymns, share various issues and issues, such as our worries, the people around us, and the church, and pray. The number of participants is relatively small, so even first-timers are welcome to join us.


every Saturday
13:30-15:00 pm

We are waiting for you every week with fun projects such as handicrafts, sweets making, and sports for children of elementary school age and younger.

Even if you are new to church, please feel free to come empty-handed. Parents and guardians can also participate.


Sunday once a month
18:00~20:30 pm
currently on hiatus

Once a month, we have dinner together, study the Bible, sing hymns, and have fun studying the Bible.

If you would like to participate in the preparation of meals, it would be helpful if you could contact us in advance. Please feel free to contact us.

Women's association

1st Wednesday of every month
currently on hiatus

For women, we sing hymns and have a short Bible message from the pastor.
After that, it's a casual gathering full of fun chats. Even if you have never read the Bible, please feel free to visit us.

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