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Church introduction

About Asahikawa Evangelical Church

In 1972, a church was built in Toyooka, and initially it was a small group, but now it has become a large building, given a large site, and has become a group that various people come to.


Inheriting the work of the first pastors, Koichiro Kibayashi and Setsuko Kibayashi, the second pastor, Tomoki Yamanaka and Angela, is in charge.


Our church has continued to walk as a church that follows the flow of legitimate Protestantism.

In particular, the Holiness Church, to which our church belongs, is a group located in the so-called "cleansing sect," which descended from pastor John Wesley, who brought about a great spiritual awakening and healthy social movement in England in the 18th century. is.

Despite this background in the church, we have only one wish. Our goal is to put down roots in the area we love, Asahikawa, and deliver the bottomless blessings of God to as many people as possible.


The church has a wide range of people, from babies to the elderly. Whether you have been to church before or not, we welcome you. Please come by all means.

Pastor Introduction


2nd Pastor Tomoki Yamanaka and his wife Angela


Tomoki Yamanaka

Asahikawa Evangelical Church Pastor

Born May 31, 1970 in Asahikawa, Hokkaido.

1989 Graduated from Hokkaido Asahikawa Nishi High School

1994 Graduated from Kyoto University of Foreign Studies, Faculty of Foreign Studies, Department of English and American Studies

1994-99 Worked as an English teacher at Hokkaido Sarabetsu Agricultural High School 

2000 Graduated from Tokyo Bible Institute Basic Course 

2003 Graduated from Wesley Biblical Seminary, USA
June 2003-March 2006 Japan Holiness Church Osaka Eiko Christ Church

Worked as an associate pastor.
March 2006 Married to Angela.

June 2006 Worked as a cooperating pastor with his wife Angela at Asahikawa Evangelical Church
April 2010 Appointed as official pastor of Asahikawa Evangelical Church

A middle-aged man who likes to challenge himself in all kinds of sports (especially soccer), loves reading and music, and always thinks he is a young man at heart. My stomach is starting to settle down and I'm a little old man, but I'm full of energy, fun, and easy to understand.


Angela Yamanaka

Asahikawa Evangelical Church Pastor

Born in Norfolk, Virginia, USA.

1990 Graduated from Eastern Mennonite High School
After graduating from Eastern Mennonite University, came to Japan as an English teacher. After that, I decided to become a pastor and an evangelist in Japan with a strong desire to share the story of the Bible with the people of Japan.
2000   _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-158d__cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-158d bible bible christian academy. In the same year, he worked as a pastor of the Hatori Church of the Brotherhood of Christ and the Ichinomiya Christian Church of the Christian Brotherhood.

Married Tomoki Yamanaka in March 2006.

Graduated from Eastern Mennonite Theological Seminary in May 2006 with a master's degree in pastoral care.

June 2006 Worked as a cooperating pastor with her husband Tomoki at Asahikawa Evangelical Church
April 2010 Appointed as the official pastor of Asahikawa Evangelical Church.

A big fan of Japan!! She has a wide range of hobbies and interests, including marathons, tennis, reading, cooking, and raising children, and is an active super lady.

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